What is the percentage of alcohol by volume?

Our wines range from 12% to 16% by volume

Where is the wine made?

The wine is made on site.

Can I personalize my labels?

When you purchase a wine making session it includes personalized labels at no extra cost.


Tasting Room

Can I rent the tasting room for private parties?

Yes, here is what we offer for private rentals. 

  • Samples are .50/piece and you can sample as much as you want. 
  • Glasses can also be purchased. 
  • Purchase food on site and outside food is permitted. 
  • The rental fee is $50 for 2 hours and is required to reserve your space. This amount is nonrefundable but is transferable in the event of a date change. Date change is subject to availability. 
  • Please feel free to call us at (216) 246-2899 and we can discuss your event.

How many people does the space hold?

Up to 20 people

Can I bring in my own decorations?